Ethereum vs Ripple: How ETH and XRP Have Justified their Position...

Over the last one month, Ethereum has shown a significant price shift with an increase. But in the previous 3 days, ETH price has been dropping frequently, with a bearish trend in it.

The similar price rise has also been noted in XRP over last one month. Around 30 days ago, Ripple was trading at 0.31 USD price level, which is now ranging around 0.40 USD. Though, since 3rd June, XRP price has been tumbling too.


The chart clearly shows a sharp rise on 30th May for ETH and XRP. ETH, at the time, reached as high as 287.82 USD clearing resistance at 282 USD price level. While XRP hit the price point at 0.48 USD, clearing resistance at 0.46 USD. Here, ETH had shown an increase of 62.24% and XRP surged to 55.90%. Also, in the last 30 days, prices of ETH and XRP have risen to 41.95%, and 29.03% respectively. However, since the last couple of days, the crypto prices are struggling to take an upward movement.

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