Ethereum Miners Spam the Blockchain With Small Transactions

Key Takeaways

  • Ethereum mining pools are sending many small transactions, which has led the network to handle 1 million transactions in one day

  • Those pools may be doing so in order to harvest mining rewards from the same transactions they send

  • Today's congestion is unrelated to past performance issues

Ethereum miners are spamming the network’s capacity with small transactions, according to reports from Trustnodes.

Over One Million Transactions

The alleged spam campaign has brought Ethereum’s daily transaction volume above 1 million transactions—a high point not seen since early 2018. Several pools are partially responsible for those transactions. Ethermine made more than 13,000 transactions over 24 hours. Nanopool and Sparkpool behaved similarly. The average transaction fees are $0.75 as of June 24. Read More...

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