Ethereum Classic Steady After Block Reward Reduction

ETC, the 21st-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, jumped in price after March 13 lows. Its value has remained fairly stable following a March 16 block rewards reduction. In an up-and-down day for Ethereum Classic (ETC), the coin traded as high as $5.29 this morning before settling at just below $5.00. Nonetheless, its current mark represents a 30% gain since March 13—when most cryptocurrencies bottomed out. Further, ETC has more or less held its price since a March 16 block reward reduction. While the currency is not in the top 20 by market cap and doesn’t hold much sway in comparison to Bitcoin or even Ripple, its upward trajectory since March 13, when most of the industry’s top coins fell to drastic lows due to fear and panic surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, signals that the fortunes of smaller-cap coins have risen alongside BTC. Read More...

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