Ethereum 2.0 Dev Says “Will Attempt Cross Client Testnet this Week”

Ethereum 2.0 developers plan to begin the process of launching a testnet this week, Trustnodes is told.

“We’re ready,” Preston Van Loon of Prysmatic Labs said referring to just his client, further adding:

“I just pinged other client teams and it seems they are just about ready with their ETH1 data functionality. We wrote up some documentation on our end so we will attempt cross client testnet in a complex environment this week.”

By Eth1 data he means the deposit contract with Danny Ryan saying in a public discussion “can writing junk for eth1data vote and be fine if < 50% of validators.”

Asked about a testnet launch anytime soon, Age Manning of Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse, an eth2.0 client, said: Read More...

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