EOS Scaling Solution the DAPP Network Gets a Major Upgrade

As LiquidApps has revealed, the DAPP Network has just experienced a new upgrade which is said to bring a wide range of new features and fixes.

The DAPP Network, born out of frustration at the rising cost of vRAM for EOS’ virtual hard drive, has just had a major upgrade. Developer LiquidApps has announced the release of DSP 2.0, bringing with it a wide range of new features and fixes. Combined, these improvements make the emergent EOS scaling solution a force to be reckoned with, and pave the way for a flurry of new decentralized applications that can operate at scale.

The DAPP Network is not a sidechain for EOS – LiquidApps call it a trustless service layer. In layman’s terms, though, it works in a similar manner to a sidechain such as Tron’s Sun Network, easing the strain on the mainchain. While EOS can support a high volume of transactions and daily active users, its dApp developers cannot.

Like any blockchain, there is a market for resources, which are at a premium, and when demand rises – such as when a dApp becomes wildly popular – so does the cost of provisioning virtual storage (vRAM) to all those users. In the DAPP Network, LiquidApps has hit upon a simple yet effective solution to that problem: outsource the responsibility for storage to a series of Dapp Service Providers, who can provision vRAM multiples cheaper than its on-chain equivalent, without materially compromising on decentralization.


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