EOS price falls by over 10%

EOS price falls by over 10%

The EOS price line crossed the $3.000 mark at the start of the 3rd of May, after which it slowly moved downwards on the daily chart. The cryptocurrency closed the trade near the $2.700 mark, after experiencing a fall of over 10%.

1-Day EOS Price Analysis (3rd May)

The EOSUSD pair began the day’s trade at the $2.950 mark, after which it saw a day’s high of $3.009 US Dollars. After crossing the $3.000 mark, the cryptocurrency gradually made its way down on the chart for the 3rd of May. By 15:00 GMT, the cryptocurrency had fallen to the $2.800 mark, after which it traded between the $2.800 and $2.850 levels until the end of the day. The cryptocurrency closed the day with a price near the $2.850 mark, and on the 4th of May, the coin appeared bullish and suddenly fell to the $2.700 level. At the time of writing, the EOSUSD pair trades at $2.722 US Dollars. Read More...