EOS.IO Software Will Host Marshall Islands SOV National Cryptocurrency

The Republic of the Marshall Islands, which is home to around 50K people across 1,100 islands, is about to be the first country to launch a state-based crypto software.

While the majority of world's most powerful economies are savagely racing against the clock in an attempt to stop cryptos before they're launched, some of the smaller countries are trying to use cryptos as a state currency.

SOV: EOS-Like dPoS for the Marshall Islands

In 2018, the Republic of the Marshall Islands passed the Declaration and Issuance of The Sovereign Currency Act. This act gives the Marshall Islands the ability to create and issue its own cryptocurrency, the SOV.

The SOV Foundation chose SFB Technologies as its technical partner for developing the new currency's infrastructure, and according to a whitepaper they released, it will be based on software similar to EOS. Read More...

Marshall Islands SOV crypto will be an EOS-like dPoS consensus


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