Draft Bill to Ban Encryption in the US Threatens Cryptocurrency Survival

Trafficking of children and women is the harsh reality of today’s world. Governments and law-reinforces continue to battle the syndicates, but have largely failed. In the US, the FBI and Justice departments fall under a lot of scrutiny for the their inability to curb the issue.

Reportedly, US lawmakers and Department of Justice under Attorney General William Barr, as a counter measure, are looking to ban cryptography altogether.

At the US White House Summit on Human Trafficking, Barr rallied against end-to-end encryption. According to him, the ‘military grade’ security features are enabling human trafficking via closed networks. Barr notes in his address at the Summit,

“We live in a digital age, and like everyone else, human traffickers are relying increasingly on digital communication and the internet … and more and more, the evidence we rely on to detect and to deal with these predators is digital evidence. However, increasingly, this evidence is being encrypted.” Read More...

Encryption Ban Threatens Cryptocurrency Survival

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