Crypto to Get Massive Mainstream Exposure, Industry Surprisingly Salty

The crypto asset community seems to have lost its proverbial mind over a recent MTV show. During the episode of “True Life Crime”, producers of the show labelled a relatively new “influencer” to the industry a “crypto expert”.

Despite the old saying being that there is no such thing as bad publicity, many crypto proponents seem frankly outraged at who the TV network chose to represent the industry.

Massive Mainstream Exposure

Crypto on MTV… Yes, it is Still a Thing

The crypto asset industry has its knickers in a serious twist about a recent episode of “True Life Crime”. The show features digital currency fan Rachel Siegel (@CryptoFinally) as a guest.

Introducing her as a “crypto expert”, Siegel is on the show to talk about SIM swapping hacks that have impacted prominent figures within the digital currency industry. NewsBTC has reported on such attacks previously. Read More...

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