Crypto Experts Join OECD 'High Level' Advisory Board

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, an intergovernmental body with 36 member countries, has formed “a high-level expert group” which includes executives from the crypto industry. They will provide advice in helping develop international blockchain policy principles.

‘High-Level Expert Group’ Formed

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced this week that it has formed “a high-level expert group,” also known as the Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board (BEPAB). The organization described that the group’s primary goal is “to provide advice on its work on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies; this will include the development of high-level blockchain policy principles.”

The intergovernmental organization currently has 36 member countries, with the European Commission participating in its work. Members engage with OECD experts and delegations from other countries; they are part of the council that oversees the organization’s work. Read More...

Crypto Experts Join OECD

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