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A successful crypto trader who prefers to remain anonymous is called "equality" in German. But his name says it all. He wants to give the cryptocurrencies back to everyone they were originally intended for - people like you and me. And without risk and above all free of charge.

How does he do it? He shares his experience and trading signals for free with anyone who is interested and who wants to benefit financially from it. Even if that sounds too good to be true in this case - trust may be good, control is better in any case and this is clearly given here. Each and every one of us can check his successes directly - he makes no secret of his past trades and who takes the time to understand them will quickly realize that his at first glance grand claims can withstand any test in reality. Soon everyone will realize that returns of 20 to even 30 percent a month are not empty promises. From this point of view, his claims that he - as he himself says - "has provided for a long time, not only for me but also for my children's children" are entirely credible. However, this raises the perfectly legitimate question: "Why the hell does he want to share this success?" The answer lies in the name he chose - Egalité.

During the Corona crisis, the trader, who shy away from the public, intensively dealt with the economy of the past and developed ideas for the future. He was particularly inspired by the French Revolution, in which he discovered parallels to today's society. As then, wealth is very unevenly distributed today. Much of it is in the hands of a few. For this reason, he has set the former motto "Liberteé, Egalité, Fraternité" (freedom, equality, fraternity) on his current flags and is trying to implement it and - in the truest sense of the word - to convert it to today's crypto era! Only time will tell whether the story about "Egalite" really corresponds to the truth, but one thing is already showing: Egalite trading signals are free, applicable to everyone and its verifiable results are simply fabulous or better said: famous! If you want to get an idea of ​​it yourself, a visit to his yutube channel is recommended: Or directly on the telgram channel

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