Craig Wright Gets ‘Certificate’ Declaring Him Satoshi Nakamoto

Arguably the most controversial figure in the cryptocurrency space, Dr. Craig S. Wright’s claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive creator of Bitcoin, has seldom landed on sympathetic ears.

His failure to back himself up with credible evidence in the face of stark criticism has even made him the subject of ridicule from the wider crypto community.

Therefore, it must have been a pleasant experience for Wright when the Council of Bogota went on record to officially recognize him as the creator of Bitcoin.

Craig Wright at the Expo-Bitcoin International 2019

Wright was in the Colombian capital of Bogota to attend the Expo Bitcoin International 2019, one of the largest cryptocurrency events in Latin America. The event promoted Bitcoin SV (BSV) education, with the vision of expanding the scope of the technology to make the region — and, by extension, the world — a better place.

While in the city, Wright, an Australian computer scientist and serial entrepreneur, was invited to the Council of Bogota (Concejo de Bogotá) to speak on issues pertaining to Bitcoin and law. He was joined by Jimmy Nguyen, the President of the Bitcoin Association.

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