Cosmos Is Among “Most Successful Investments” For VC Fund

The crypto world might be maturing, but that doesn’t mean the wild gains are over. A cryptocurrency investment firm has realized fifty-fold returns from the Cosmos (ATOM) blockchain – one of their most successful investments to date.

London-based KR1 has sold just over 70,000 ATOM tokens for an average price of $5.14, raising more than $360,605 in total. Considering the initial investment was around $7,000, that means KR1 saw a cool gain of 5,150%.

Cosmos is an intermediary layer that allows information and transactions to move across otherwise independent blockchains. Tendermint, the company responsible for Cosmos’ development, described it as the “internet of blockchains” at its mainnet launch, and our Chief Code Reviewer, Andre Cronje described the project as ‘fantastic’.

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