ConsenSys Unveils Ethereum-Based Satellite Tracker

Blockchain software technology company ConsenSys has unveiled Trusat, a satellite tracking application based on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

According to the firm's tweet posted on Oct. 22, Trusat aims to tackle the problem of space debris that could damage Earth’s space infrastructure.

Tackling space debris with blockchain

The initiative hopes that its app’s users will track satellites in the night sky and record their positions in order to help create a record. The application also indicates when and where to look for the highest priority marks. The company explained:

“The number of satellites is increasing by 25x. Collisions threaten the technology we depend on every day and our spacefaring future. [...] TruSat is designed to be a citizen-powered system for creating a globally-trusted record of satellite orbits — a freely available resource that can be used to assess orbital operations in light of the space sustainability standards.”


Ethereum will be orbiting earth from space soon


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