Competition Is Forcing Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Get Creative

In the last two years, a Cambrian explosion of cryptocurrency exchanges has given traders a plethora of options. This cornucopia of choice has not resulted in a corresponding increase in quality, however. Most of the platforms that emerged in 2018 have struggled to gain traction, with tier one exchanges increasing their market share and the long tail leaving the also-rans to fight over the crumbs. In 2019, a new crop of crypto exchanges seem determined to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. This year, differentiation is everything.

Collaboration and Differentiation Are This Year’s Exchange Trends

Two seemingly opposing trends are emerging in the crypto exchange landscape. The first of these, as recently reported, has seen crypto exchanges list one another’s native tokens in a quid pro quo arrangement. Bitfinex has added a number of rival exchange tokens, while Kucoin bit the bullet this week and listed BNB. The prospects of Binance returning the favor and listing KCS seem unlikely, though CZ was swift to congratulate Kucoin on its decision, describing it as a “very smart move” that will “attract BNB traders and holders, especially users we had not been able to service.”

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