Companies like Casa and Unchained Capital Help Enthusiasts Leave Crypto to Their Heirs

People who own cryptocurrency probably want to make sure there’s someone to receive it if they’re no longer around. The coronavirus has everyone scared about what will happen; are their lives at stake? Will they survive? Crypto startups like Casa and Unchained Capital are now helping enthusiasts ensure their loved ones receive their crypto stashes in the events of their demise.

Casa and Unchained Capital See Surge in Activity

It’s a morbid thought, but companies like Casa and Unchained Capital say they’ve witnessed a huge surge in business over the past couple of weeks. Many people are worried that if they pass on without a named recipient of their bitcoin or cryptocurrency holdings, their digital funds will ultimately be lost to time and space. Will Cole – the chief product officer of Unchained – commented in an interview: We’ve seen more demand [than at any other time] in our history over the past month for vaults. Many vault customers set up trust or other inheritance-supported entities. Read More...

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