Community still believes in Ethereum 2.0 despite scaling challenges

At the 2019 Devcon in Japan, the Ethereum community was optimistic about the launch of the network’s second iteration, seemingly untouched by the latest controversy surrounding claims made by Ethereum’s founders about its inability to scale and grow.

No controversy big enough for Ethereum fans

While much of the crypto industry seemed shaken by the comments made by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, the community surrounding the second-largest coin by market cap stood firm in their beliefs.

Earlier in September during the Ethereal Tel Aviv conference, Lubin said that Ethereum creators knew “from the beginning” that the network wouldn’t scale. To combat the flaws in the network’s original form, the second iteration of Ethereum has seemingly always been planned.

This led many Ethereum critics to accuse its creators of lying, with some even going as far as saying the entire project was a scam. However, the majority of the reactions seemed to be a bit more moderate, as people pointed out that such an ambitious project could have clouded the judgment of its creators. Read More...


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