Coinbase Extinction Imminent as Clients Close Accounts

San Fransisco based crypto exchange firm, Coinbase extinction seem to be at bay. The firm of recent has been experiencing brand issues affecting its performance as clients have been closing their account with the platform. Tension heightened after the firm revealed on its website that it was into certain deals with the U.S. government. This week the exchange had its operations questioned after it crashed temporarily for over 20 times when BTC plunged fuelling speculations about Coinbase extinction. The exchange is becoming prominent for them as its engines have failed severally during times of extreme volatility. Coinbase was reported to have crashed many times last year when BTC price dropped. On the 1st of June, when the Coinbase platform was down, Crypto Twitter laughed off the serious issue as a mere joke sharing memes. The exchange firm, in its performance review, explained that a five times traffic spike was experienced in over four minutes. The report contained that the firm’s autoscaling was unable to keep pace with this dramatic increase in traffic. Read More...

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