Coinbase Competition Grows as Veteran Launches US Office

Users of long-time Coinbase competitor CEX .io will have gotten an e-mail today informing them of the exchange’s decision to open a U.S. entity.

Easy On-Ramps Everywhere You Look

As one of the few exchanges to accept credit cards for several years now, CEX has finally decided to launch a U.S. wing.

In addition to Binance’s Westward expansion, Coinbase may find itself actively fighting to keep clients in the coming years.

Binance’s main branch currently offers credit card deposits via Simplex, a service that integrates with numerous exchanges and wallets to help people acquire crypto at a premium.

Coinbase, on the other hand, offers market-rate crypto plus a fee and often plays a significant role in the market’s rolling volume. If CEX opens an equally attractive product, will they suddenly wield that kind of influence as well? Read More at CCN...

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