Chinese move pushes Bitcoin volume in Hong Kong to ATH

Bitcoin volume in Hong Kong is soaring while the king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) becomes the top choice to save assets amidst the latest Chinese move in the region.

For last week’s volumes, Bitcoin’s trading activity in Hong Kong has been observed to reach its all-time high. A Bitcoin (BTC) volume of over one million dollars ($1.56mil) has been recorded at the end of September, from a Bitcoin volume amounting to half a million dollars ($500,000) in its preceding week.

All over the world, a growing number of people are reportedly showing interest in the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. Currently, these regions include China, Iran, Turkey, Argentina, and Venezuela.

Reportedly, the people of Hong Kong have been paying eighty dollars ($80) for a Bitcoin premium in August.

China has deployed over twelve thousand troops in Hong Kong.

Xinhua, which is a Chinese news outlet, states that the deployment of troops is per a usual rotation of Chinese forces based in Hong Kong. Read More...

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