Chinese auto industry big players jumping into blockchain for smart city

Wianxiang, a giant Chinese car maker company which has recently aligned with PlatON, to aid the development of the essential structure of a smart city in China that Wianxiang has finance and hence has named after itself. 

It appears following the footprints of Facebook, another technology giant is attracted towards blockchain technology to magnify that power.

Wianxiang has assured to pour twenty-nine billion dollars ($29 B)in this project, nicknamed Innova City or Wianxiang City.

It will occupy over an eight square kilometer (8.3 km2) plot in Hangzhou city which is located in Zheijang province. It is nominated to be China’s biggest, most organized, blockchain based smart city. PlatON’s solution will apparently be able to trace, relocate, and protect serious data. Read More at Cryptopolitan...

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