China is leaving the US behind in the Blockchain race

China is the clear blockchain tech leader at the moment and the US is in danger of missing out entirely if it doesn’t even get off the starting line.


There have been no mistaking China’s intentions when it comes to blockchain technology. President Xi Jinping’s public endorsement of digital ledgers sent crypto markets skyrocketing in late October though there were subsequent efforts to quell the fever for digital assets which Beijing definitely does not approve of.

According to a recent report by CNBC China could dominate the field of blockchain technology development which could leave the likes of America in the digital dust.

Head of research at the crypto exchange and trading platform, Blockchain, Garrick Hileman, told the outlet;

“This is an extremely significant development, not just for China but for the broader world. Countries are racing to identify strategic technologies and develop sustainable competitive advantages in areas like artificial intelligence and robotics. With Xi’s speech blockchain technology can now be added to this list,” Read More...

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