Chainlink MakerDAO integration can solve DAI liquidity crisis

A potential Chainlink MakerDAO integration can work wonders for embattled Dai. Its appeal increases manifold in the investor’s eyes. The recent decline in DAI liquidity can bring Chainlink in the MakerDAO environment as collateral. Such collaboration can boost the Dai supply and subsequently increase its stability credentials as well. Chainlink MakerDAO integration can also lead to an increased demand for LINK token. As more recommendations pour in to integrate Chainlink with MakerDAO, LINK’s price will certainly make a leap upwards.

Chainlink MakerDAO integration can rain liquidity

DAI is experiencing a crisis of sorts. It is trading dangerously above its peg ratio, and the current price levels pose a threat to MakerDAO. As MakerDAO stability concerns arise, the entire DeFi is gradually shifting towards other stablecoins, including Ampleforth and Terra. If this continues, Dai liquidity can take a severe hit across prominent exchanges. Read More...

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