Chainlink hit all time high when Google explained how it works

Cryptocurrencies are confusing and full buzzwordy blockchain mumbo jumbo. How's a non-technical person meant to understand what's legitimate and what's not?

Well, you Google it.

In a manner of speaking, that's what happened to Chainlink.

In a new blog post Google walked people through using it and how it works, causing Chainlink prices to spike some 75% in the process, reaching a new all time high of $1.95.

Reaching a new all time high is no mean feat for a cryptocurrency that also lived through the hype of late 2017. Chainlink is now one of extremely few cryptocurrencies - potentially the only one - to have boomed and busted in late 2017, then fully recovered based on its real world applications - plus some more speculator-driven hype.

It's well worth noting that Chainlink prices actually dropped when Chainlink went live on 30 May as people performed the "buy the rumour sell the news" manoeuvre.

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