CFTC Is Waiting on SEC to Allow Futures Trading of More Digital Assets, Says CFTC Chairman

In a July 7 interview with predecessor Jim Newsome, current Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Heath Tarbert ran down a list of pending concerns standing between cryptocurrencies and the long-awaited promised land of regulatory clarity.

Securities regulation and the CFTC’s purview

Tarbert was careful to outline the distinction between the work of the CFTC and its elder brother regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. The determination of whether a digital asset is a security is “the sole province of the SEC,” Tarbert explained. “If their determination is that it’s not a security then we can start taking it under our own purview.” He continued: “Once you start seeing more clarity on whether something is or is not a security, you will start seeing more futures listed on digital assets.” Read More...

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