Cardano Unleashing Scalability Through Hydra Sharding

Cardano is bringing sharding to its blockchain through Hydra, its latest scalability innovation, announced IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson.

Hydra is the result of five years of research and the efforts of more than two dozen team members, Hoskinson says. Though the team published its initial build paper in November and submitted its conference paper to USENIX in September, the paper is now publicly available for the fist time.

Hoskinson adds that Hydra is a key part of Cardano’s overarching efforts to create Oroborous, a scalable proof-of-stake protocol that is capable to maintaining performance as adoption grows. “The capstone of this entire research agenda is Oroborous Hydra,” said Hoskinson.

What is Hydra on Cardano?

Hydra relies on state channels as a second-layer scaling solution.

State channels shard Cardano’s without sharding the ledger itself, Hoskinson explains. More generally, state channels handle transactions off-chain, offloading transactions from Cardano’s main blockchain. Together, these factors improve Cardano’s transaction throughput. Read More...

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