Cardano’s [ADA] Charles Hoskinson reveals diversification plans in Asia and Africa

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and Cardano’s [ADA] Founder, recently put Africa on its map to spur adoption in the crypto-ecosystem. The team launched significant upgrades and projects this year. In a recent AMA session, Hoskinson spoke about Cardano’s adoption curve.

Hoskinson said that Emurgo was responsible for the commercialization of the technology, and added that the team was undertaking various plans for the Asian market, especially in Japan and Indonesia. Citing the Japanese working class turning old and real estate prices going down, which is a big challenge of the Japanese government, he said, “It would be really cool if we can reinvigorate these areas of real Japan and by using innovative technologies, not just blockchain but AI and IOT and other things to innovate industry verticals that are meaningful in those areas”

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