Cardano and Solana may collaborate, according to Hoskinson

During a recent AMA, Cardano's Hoskinson stated that Solana's team had contacted him and sent him many project ideas, the IOHK CEO said:

“If there was such a thing, it would have to be broken down to either an area of economic collaboration. Or an area of engineering collaboration. Or an area of scientific collaboration.”

Everything started when Cardano's founder openly expressed his appreciation for Solana via Twitterafter seeing the remarkable performances during this year, the tweet drew the attention of Solana's co-founder, Raj Gokal, who commented that the Cardano founder's DMs are always welcome.

How could Cordano and Solana work together in the real world?

Hoskinson during the AMA that it's not really his call when asked about  a collaboration. Suggesting that if the community  wants it is up to them to make it happen, Anyway he had never hidden his interest in SOL, and he had also ordered a business  study while contacting Solana's Team and receiving a variety of perspectives to learn more about the project.

Hoskinson added during the AMA:

“They were very helpful. They sent me over a Twitter private message, several links and places to look, and I’ll read through it, and I’ll probably have a lot stronger opinion and a lot more to say a little bit later down the road.”