Can Walmart digital currency stable coin beat Facebook’s Libra?

Walmart is in the process of introducing its own stablecoin Walmart digital currency, which will be backed by the US dollar.

According to a recent patent made public by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the world’s biggest retailer is in the process of developing its own digital currency, another stable coin backed by the United States dollar along the lines of Facebook’s Libra.

With a mammoth employment force that even exceeds the population of several countries, any move made by this giant American retailer is bound to make the news.

Can Walmart do what Facebook’s Libra couldn’t?

The patent named “System and Method for Digital Currency via Blockchain,” released on Aug 1. It provides a rundown on Walmart’s plan for developing the stable coin virtual currency, bound by the US dollar, whose transactions and storing will be based on the blockchain technology. Read More at Cryptopolitan...

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