Can Blockchain Save us From Deepfakes?

  • Kathryn Harrison, founder of DeepTrust Alliance, gave a talk at Ethereal Virtual Summit.

  • She spoke about the danger of deepfakes and the trouble spotting them.

  • Youtube’s algorithms shut her down, thinking her presentation was a deepfake.

As a speaker at Ethereal Virtual Summit gave her presentation today on deepfakes—AI-generated fake videos—suddenly, the Youtube livestream went dark. Her talk featured a screenshot of a deepfake video, which Youtube’s algorithms apparently didn’t like. Here is the irony: Kathryn Harrison, as the founder of DeepTrust Alliance, a coalition fighting against digital misinformation, is actually on a mission to fight deepfakes. That was the entire point of her talk. That, and how blockchain could help. “Wow!” Harrison tweeted afterward. “My first time as a BANNED speaker.” Read More...

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