Buy Bitcoin and ammunition starting 2020, says Pete D’Abrosca

Bitcoin and ammunition will be Pete D’Abrosca’s investment choice in the next decade. His statement has shocked everyone in the Capitol Hill. The conservative congressional candidate from the seventh district in North Carolina has said that he will want to invest in both Bitcoin and ammunition starting 2020. His statement is viewed with scepticism since he wants to convey his displeasure about the state of the economy in the next decade.

D’Abrosca is facing stiff competition from the incumbent Republican Congressman David Rouzer. He popularity score is much lower and is not likely to win in this election. Still, his views bring both positive and negative sentiments to the crypto community in the United States. Nevertheless, the US political scene certainly has one more crypto positive voice to boast.  

Pete D’Abrosca Bitcoin and ammunition gets mixed reactions

The reaction to the Pete D’Abrosca’s Bitcoin and ammunition statement has been mixed. However, the crypto industry is getting recognition and some support in the congress. Bakkt CEO, Kelly Loeffler, will soon be a US Senator from Georgia. She is expected to bring in a whole new crypto perspective to the congress. Industry members view this as a huge win for the crypto realm. Read More...

Buy Bitcoin and ammunition starting 2020, says Pete D’Abrosca
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