Build A Second Life Property Empire On MegaCryptoPolis

Ethereum-based virtual world MegaCryptoPolis introduces the possibility of a second life investment empire in blockchain’s latest strategy game.

The game, which utilizes Ethereum smart contracts demonstrates a completely new approach to how decentralized games are built and played.

MegaCryptoPolis takes place in a virtual districts, and players ‘Citizens’ act like normal citizens running their day to day lives trying to be as successful as possible.

Like any good strategy game, players can work hard and invest more to build their empire. Unlike most other games, however, in this second life players are playing for real ETH, and the value invested and earned really does matter.

Ethereum-Based Game: MegaCryptoPolis

Launched in January 2019, MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Every asset is a cryptographically unique ERC721 token and is represented as in-game features such as buildings, power stations, and even pets.

The game, as the name suggests is a second life strategy game based in a virtual city made up of districts. Each player can work for and invest real ETH and turn it into a stream of income with some good investment moves. Read More at EthereumNexus

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