British media house hails Bitcoin dominance in cryptosphere

Metro News, based in the United Kingdom (UK) has hailed the Bitcoin dominance in a detailed news piece.

Metro News is one of the most widely circulated papers of the UK has published quite an optimistic article on Bitcoin dominance for its large reader base. The article in question offers insufficient details but features 4 minutes long explanation video.

Known for its less political partiality and simplistic accounts of events, the newspaper presented an oversimplified piece of information on Bitcoin to its readership. Instead of providing its readers with the caution against the use of Bitcoin, it was merely focused on its explanation and the buying of crypto asset.

Bitcoin dominance reaches mainstream media

After a brief introduction of Bitcoin and its history, its comparison with the traditional bank money was drawn claiming it to be the best of the best. From barter to gold to government to greed, now we have stepped into the “Golden Age of Cryptocurrency” as stated in the article.

Among the most important points that the said article seemed to brush off is the mention of this cryptocurrency being widely used by the drug dealers on the Drug Web. Dark Web did get a mention in the embedded video but that was only in the passing. Read More at Cryptopolitan...

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