Britain's Largest Newspaper Raises Dwindling Bitcoin Supply to Millions of Readers

The United Kingdom’s most-read newspaper, The Sun, has raised the issue of Bitcoin’s increasingly limited supply to its tens of millions of readers. The newspaper ran the typically provocative headline “DRY SUPPLY: Bitcoin supply is running out as 85% of ALL coins now ‘mined’ – and experts say price could soar”.

The article itself is largely bullish, drawing on the dwindling supply of coins as a catalyst for higher prices. Unfortunately, the paper also makes a rather glaring error in its reporting on the cryptocurrency.

Is the The Sun Newspaper the Newest Convert to Bitcoin?

According to The Sun’s website, the newspaper and its online versions boast the largest readership of all news publications in the United Kingdom. The total claimed by the newspaper was 33.3 million last year. Accounting for this vast figure is some 9.86 million regularly buying a copy and 29.03 million visiting its website.

Although widely reported by ourselves and other media, the Rupert Murdoch-owned publication picked up on the news that Bitcoin has just passed the 85 percent mark in terms of total number of coins mined. Going with the provocative title mentioned previously, the language used by The Sun in both headline and article really seems intent on hammering home just how scarce Bitcoin is. Read More at NewsBTC...

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