Brendan Blumer: Our EOS-Powered Social Media Platform Won’t ‘Use’ Its Users

On Saturday evening (June 1, around 8 p.m. Eastern Time), Brendar Blumer, the CEO of, the company that created the blockchain protocol software that is used to run the EOS network, announced that his company is using the EOS public blockchain to build "a more transparent" social media platform (called "Voice").


As our article on May 28 that predicted this move by explained, there were quite a few clues as early February 2018 that was interested in building a radically improved social media platform.

For example, here is a tweet that CTO Daniel Larimer (who is co-founder and former CTO of blockchain-powered social media platform Steemit) posted on 20 February 2019... Read More at CryptoGlobe...

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