Breathing Labs Moves to Open Source Hardware and Shift Manufacturing to Blockchain

Breathing Lab is pleased to announce a move to open source hardware and a shift of manufacturing to the blockchain. The shift in manufacturing will be realized through Syncfab and 3D printing services for plastics, Pick-and-place services for electronics, and software.This move is targeted at producing quality products that will improve users’ experience.

Reasons for the Move to Open Source Hardware

We introduced open source software in our manufacturing in designing our breathing games and apps to help us achieve our goals. This software-defined revolution calls for open source hardware.

Open software has become important for two main reasons. First, open software helps in ensuring security and privacy. Demands for privacy assurances are gaining heights daily especially as IoT continues to surround the consumers collecting all sorts of their personal information. IoT solutions that are built on open hardware makes privacy promises that others cannot attain.

Open hardware will also help in driving IoT adoptions by forming the basis of building low cost, portable IoTsolutions. Open hardware platforms provide a convenient, accessible, cost-effective basis for deploying products in a new ecosystem.

Reasons for Shifting Manufacturing to blockchain

Blockchain technology is decentralized, secure, transparent, and fast. SycFab provides an online platform that is capable of sourcing all the relevant information that we need to manufacture products and do 3D printing through blockchain technology.

About Breathing Labs

The breathing lab produces interfaces for breathing exercises. Adopting open hardware and shifting manufacturing to blockchain are important steps inrealizing the mission of the company – providing people with smart and simple technologies to improve breathing behavior.