Brave Surpasses 10 Million Monthly Active Users

Brave Browser is experiencing robust user growth, gaining another 1.7 million active users over the last three weeks by carving out the privacy niche from Google Chrome.

Since its 1.0 launch mid-November, Brave announced that the open source browser had gained another 1.7 million monthly active users, growing by 19% across all devices. Compared to last year, the numbers are even stronger. The browser’s userbase saw a two-fold increase in monthly active users and tripled its daily active users to 3.3 million.

Part of the browser’s strategy involves rewarding content creators by automatically distributing Basic Attention Token to sites people regularly visit. Sign-ups are indicative of content creators recognizing Brave as a meaningful revenue stream, allowing them to accept these donations.

As of today, verified content creators on the platform increased to over 340,000. The majority of these creators publish to YouTube (229,00), followed by Twitter (37,000), business and personal website publishing (38,000), and Twitch (18,000), among others. Read More...