Brave’s R&D team debuts privacy-preserving distributed VPN

Brave, the company behind the eponymous browser, presented the world’s first distributed virtual private network (VPN). The new form of VPN has no central authority and will function as a peer-to-peer network to preserve the privacy of its users.

Laying the foundation for a decentralized VPN system

The research and development team from Brave published a paper that will pave the way for a decentralized VPN network. Developed by Dr. Matteo Varvello et. al., the research presents the first distributed virtual private network.

Brave said that VPN-0 will offer a traffic authorization and validation mechanism that will preserve users’ privacy. It will be a new generation decentralized virtual private networks (dVPN), which offer a certain amount of privacy but also carry the risk of spreading harmful or illegal network traffic to users.

The company’s VPN-0 tackles the problems dVPNs face around performance, privacy guarantees, and traffic accountability. Brave’s research and development team integrated VPN-0 with BitTorrent’s DHT (Mainline) and ProtonVPN, a popular VPN provider, which demonstrated the feasibility of the next generation of VPNs. Read More...