Brave Browser – Get Paid While Browsing The Internet

Brave Browser – Get Paid While Browsing The Internet

Browsing the Internet is something most of us spend some time doing every day, some more than we should.

And sure enough Google and Safari provide a “free” service for our browsing experience.

Well, it’s not really free because they are making a lot of money through ad revenue and selling our data.

Imagine a browser that pays you for browsing. Or one that doesn’t sell your data but in fact gives you the most private of browsing experiences you will get on the Internet.

This is Brave Browser, the future of browsing

What is Brave Browser?

Created by JavaScript and Mozilla founder Brendan Eich, Brave Browser is a free open-source Internet browser that is private by default.

However, if you choose to accept ads, you will be paid a share of the ad revenue.

Brave has similar functions to any other browser: it allows you to browse, view online content, run web applications, and it comes with some of the best ad blocking technology to ensure your browsing experience and digital footprint remains private.

Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser has an easy to navigate UI, and has all the elements you’d expect from a browser.

On the homepage it shows your browsing statistics, such as blocked ads, time saved, HTTPS upgrades, and your Brave Rewards if you opt in for earning BAT.

The homepage also hosts shortcut thumbnails for your most visited websites. It has the local time, and an option for customising your Brave Browser settings.

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