Blockchain Steals the Show at CES 2020

At CES 2020, conducted in Las Vegas earlier this month, the focus was on some of the hottest trends in consumer electronics – from 5G internet connectivity, lightning speed yet environmental-friendly cars to voice assistants, and more. What may have perhaps stolen the show was bringing blockchain to the dinner table.

Not literally, of course! But blockchain was the center of attention at CES 2020. Chef Aaron Sanchez strongly believes that food is an emotion and the language we all speak, which is why accountability, transparency, and quality matter when it comes to reinstating the trust back in the food ecosystem.

Keeping these issues in mind, IBM has built a modular solution based on blockchain, called the IBM Food Trust, which is a collaborative and an extensive network of farmers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and all others involved in the food supply chain, who ensure that there is transparency in the system for safer and sustainable food for all, and that was the theme at the CES 2020 dinner conducted with renowned chef Aaron Sanchez and tech giant IBM in-charge.

Blockchain takes charge at CES 2020

Sanchez put together a scrumptious three-course meal by sourcing the ingredients using the IBM Food Trust based on the digital ledger technology. The idea was to have gained end-to-end transparency and know where the ingredients come from, how they were sourced, packed, and supplied. Read More...

Blockchain Steals the Show at CES 2020
Blockchain CES 2020