Blockchain SEO: Why You Should Pay Attention To It

Chances are you have heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. If you haven’t, perhaps you have been living under a stone.

They made it to the news in 2017 when Bitcoin reached almost $20,000 USD per coin – all time high – a similar scenario that many alt coins (currencies other than Bitcoin) lived as well. This phenomenon started what I like to call a “Crypto Rush”, because it represented a massive grow in awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

It was an amazing year. However, 2018 was the year of the correction, and therefore, the price of coins reduced significantly. Although, to date, 2019 has been a year of recovery, with many bullish signals.

Blockchain – The Technology that Powers the Crypto Space:

After this short intro, we should be on the same page.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It is what it makes them possible to exist and that supports the entire crypto space. What's more, it also represents an evolution for SEO and search marketing.

A disruptive technology that is already taking the world over and will affect major industries including:

  • Marketing and Business

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Real State

  • Legal

  • Music

  • Automotive

  • Insurance

  • Online Commerce

You already know it is powerful and a key to change, but how does it work? Here you have a brief explanation.

Blockchain Explained in Simple Terms:

It is a huge database shared across a big network of computers. Once a record is added to the chain, it is extremely difficult to change, therefore, allowing distribution without the possibility of immutability. Every piece of data has only one owner.

The network of computers (nodes) are constantly working together and they must be in consensus to guarantee that the data on blockchain is verified.

In simpler terms, it is like a spreadsheet that is duplicated hundreds of thousands of times across a network, and this network is exclusively designed to update this spreadsheet regularly.


  • It is a gigantic database

  • All the records are unique and have only one owner

  • The records are extremely difficult (impossible) to change

  • The records are verifiable and public

  • It prevents hacks because all the information is shared across a gigantic network around the world

  • It makes decentralization possible.

Now you should have a good idea of what this technology is and what opportunities does it bring. However…

How Does Blockchain Connect With SEO?

How this technology and SEO meet? What do they have in common? How can it help the SEO and search marketing world?

We will cover it point by point, so you can understand it. Nonetheless, it is also worth mentioning that this is still a developing field, and therefore, it has so much room for improvement and growth.

Here you have the list of its uses and benefits for the world of search engine optimization:

  • Combat fraud and counterfeiting (more about this in a moment)

  • More efficient keyword research

  • A change in link building

  • Authentic and verified data

  • A better alternative to Google (in theory)

As you can see, it is going to affect SEO in many different and fundamental ways. Therefore, it is worth a looking into, because it will change the way we optimize websites.

Now that we've done a quick breakdown, let’s talk about each point in detail.

Combatting Fraud and Boosting Trust:

Online commerce is big and it keeps growing as the world goes more digital.

However, there is a big problem on the internet: fake products.

Just to name a few categories flooded with fake merchandise:

  • Blu Rays and DVDs

  • Footwear

  • Designer Clothes

  • Pharmaceutical & Personal Care

  • Consumer electronics

  • Jewellery

  • Optical media

The internet has tons of deceptive sellers who only damage the marketplace. This threat extends to a myriad of services. It is a huge problem that current technology has been unable to solve.

Blockchain technology will help us to remedy this situation. By providing a legitimate and immutable ledger system (remember the huge database or the spreadsheet analogy), the user can verify the authenticity of the product or service.

Google could use this precious information to “clean” the search results, therefore, taking fraudulent sellers and service providers out of the game. It would allow legitimate sellers to compete in a fairer market.

It would help legitimate companies earn higher rankings, because the fraudulent elements would be delisted.

Of course, it would also benefit customers, because they would be getting high quality and authentic products and services.

It would create a much healthier environment for everyone. Personally, I hope Google implements this, because it would take SEO to the next level by putting quality above the rest, and of course, protecting users.

Getting a counterfeit handbag is one thing. You were fooled and lost some money, but other than your pride and bank balance not much else was hurt.

Getting fake pharmaceutical or personal care product, however, could be dangerous to your health. This alone is enough to realize how important this innovation is and why Google should apply it as soon as possible.

Revolutionizing Keyword Research:

As mentioned by SEO Heroes it is an essential aspect of any SEO campaign, because if you don’t know what terms people are searching for, and you don’t know their volumes, then you have nothing.

The market offers you several tools that help you perform a complete and advanced keyword research; however, blockchain technology could take it to the next level.

It would be amazing to see how a keyword plays out under different circumstances, and doing it the regular way consumes tons of time and resources, because the results vary depending on:

  • Location

  • Time

  • Device

  • User record

It is a problem that blockchain could solve beautifully, because by incentivizing users with a token (an alt-coin), you could get to use the background space of thousands of devices to create an in-depth analysis.

Just imagine how much useful data you could collect this way.

You could create complete and in-depth reports on how your targeted keywords play out under different circumstances without spending massive resources and time.

For advanced SEO campaigns, this would be a game changer, because of its precision it would bring you more control and understanding about your strategies. Personally, I hope this becomes a reality, because it will take keyword research to the next level, saving us all a lot of money and time.

How Could It Affect Link Building?

It is another major element in Search Engine Optimization, because Google still relies on backlinks to judge the quality of a website/page/property.

Just like keyword research, it could also affect link building, but in a much higher degree, because it would affect it to the core.

How so? By bringing far more transparency, it would be easier to penalize websites using link building schemes.

Google is already getting smarter at this, but with the help of blockchain technology, they could take this to the next level.

Such an improvement would get rid of many “old-school” tactics and strategies, because it would be easy for the search engine to detect them and penalize accordingly.

I know it sounds scary, but it is a possible scenario, and anyways, you should be basing your link building strategy on quality over quantity, and trying to be as natural as possible. After all, your strategy should follow that mindset, trying to be natural.