Blockchain in Luxury: Supply chain authenticity plays key role in creating trust and loyalty

People are today keenly aware of where their luxury products are originating from and show a willingness to pay a premium for products that enjoy an authentic record and ethical narrative.

Based on this, is the luxury sector ready for blockchain technology? 

Ahead of the June 12 & 13, 2019, Arab Luxury World conference at JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, organised by Mediaquest, a prominent regional publisher, AMEinfo asked four questions related to blockchain and its role on the next luxury revolution.

Topic: Blockchain in Luxury

1-     How can blockchain add value to premium luxury?

2-     Is the luxury sector ripe for utility-based tokenization to attract and retain a loyal audience?

3-     How effective and transparent are supply-chain processes and systems on blockchain-based luxury businesses?

4-     Can Blockchain in Luxury create an effective second-hand market for luxury items? 

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