Blockchain in Indian banking sector gains traction with Bank of Baroda’s new initiative

Blockchain in Indian banking sector has gained momentum in the last few months as more and more banks continue to join the blockchain consortium for process improvements.

During an interview with on Sep 11, Akhil Handa, Head of Fintech & Partnerships and Mobile Banking at Bank of Baroda, extended his sincere appreciation to this futuristic technology for enabling banks around the world to focus more on customer satisfaction than working endless hours in handling and managing accounts.

Under the leadership of Handa, a fintech entrepreneur and enthusiast, and blockchain are proven a track record in banking, India’s century-old public sector bank is all set to move towards a digital future gradually.

Handa emphasized went on to highlight how the technology-of-the-future will help the bank penetrate new markets and acquire a bigger market share. According to him, blockchain technology is the way forward and has dramatically changed the face of several industries like healthcare, retail, and energy. It is only a matter of time that it makes traditional banking practices obsolete. Read More at Cryptopolitan...

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