Blockchain Health Coins Ready to Transform Medical Realm

Blockchain health coins are quickly becoming the next big thing in the healthcare area. These can be used to report virus epidemics, collect community health stats, and do much more. Public health care systems can be integrated with health coins to finance large scale health missions in developing countries.

Jim Nasr of Acoer, a blockchain app developer firm, stated that health care tokens could bring more transparency to the realm. They can be incentivized so that users can report health issues more proactively. Statistics can be accurately collected for infectious diseases like the current coronavirus epidemic or during natural calamities. Acoer created HashLog that monitors healthcare data using DLT-powered Hedera Hashgraph, which helps visualize and record the data.

Blockchain Health Coins Ready to Transform Medical Realm
Health Coins

Hedera Hashgraph can power next-gen healthcare tracking systems

Thousands of Chinese are currently grappling with the Coronavirus outbreak. The Covid-19 virus is spreading fast across the world. Transparency in data collection can further boost the efforts to contain such outbreaks. Read More...