Blockchain Gaming Part I: The Opportunity

Beyond just store of value and medium of exchange properties, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology encompass a number of nuanced applications. This emerging technology enables, alongside units of value, the capacity to transact data and information between participants and broadcast these values to the larger network. This elevated usage of cryptocurrency has seen experimentation in industries and niches across the board. Of the first initiatives, the space has persistently seen a strong push in the integration of blockchain and crypto into online gaming.

As the overarching crypto space continues to mature and grow, so to does the blockchain gaming niche. The current state of the niche represents a race between enterprise corporations and crypto startups across the largest blockchains to be the first to create and share the infrastructure to harbour the gaming environments of tomorrow and create the first blockbuster blockchain game.

However, in order to ignite the spark that will in turn ignite the gaming revolution, builders and developers in blockchain gaming must overcome the failures of their predecessors and build solutions to the cost, speed, and scalability concerns that have inhibited past and current developments. Read More at TheBlockCrypto...

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