Blockchain For News Filtering Can Stop Fake News

Blockchain technology is moving mountains as you read these sentences, and blockchain for news filtering is becoming the latest trend to put an end to fake and unauthentic news. Since the past few years, fake news and misleading content have spread around the internet like wildfire.

The increasing occurrences of these fake articles and deep faked videos shocked a lot of people back in 2018 when a video of former USA president, Barack Obama, surfaced online.

The content of the video explained how technology could be abused and manipulated which was an attempt at irony since the video itself was a deep fake.

Blockchain for news filtering and content whitelisting

Part of web 3.0 includes the inculcation of blockchain to create a decentralized web that creates a permanent ledger which stores information about web content and connects it back to the content to ensure authenticity.

As early as 2023, 30 % of all web content including videos and news could be verified as real, courtesy of blockchain. Read More...

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