Blockchain Experts Weigh in on Russia’s Controversial Coronavirus Tracking App

Experts suggest that blockchain technology could have been a better solution for handling coronavirus-related data in Russia.

Moscow’s COVID-19 App is pulled from Google Play

On March 25, an app called “Social monitoring” appeared in Google Play store. According to the app’s description, it was designed for social monitoring as well as for providing access to emergency services. Users soon noticed that the app required many sensitive permissions, including geolocation, bluetooth pairing, biometric data, and calls. Notably, the data was also being openly transmitted without encryption. The backlash against the app led to a 1-star rating on Google Play by the morning of April 1. Later that day, the app disappeared from the store altogether.

Blockchain a better alternative

Russia is not the only country challenged by this crisis. Governments around the world are faced with difficult choices in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. There is a need to track people infected with the virus, but this is difficult to accomplish without compromising individual privacy and safety. In an effort to solve this dilemma, Cointelegraph investigated whether experts believe that blockchain technology could provide a workable solution. Read More...

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