Blockchain Commercialization to Arrive in 2020, Claims HSBC Innovation Lead

The Global Commercial Banking Growth and Innovation Blockchain Lead of British multinational bank HSBC, Joshua Kroeker, has stated that he expects blockchain to be commercialized at an enterprise level in 2020.

Kroeker also stated that the biggest hurdle in this space is attracting more financial institutions, with clients needing to choose platforms that best address their needs.

HSBC Sees Bright Blockchain Future

Speaking to Tech Wire Asia, Kroeker described the problems surrounding blockchain adoption at an enterprise level and how it plans to address that. He sees HSBC looking forward to fostering a commercial level of adoption in the blockchain space.

Blockchain technology itself has a distinct appeal for incumbent players in all sorts of enterprise scenarios, not the least of which is banking. Kroeker alluded to this in the report:

“We know the technology works well and we’re extremely keen to see a shift from industry testing and learning to industry commercialization next year.” Read More...

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