Blockchain Blogging Platform Steemit to Partner with Tron

It was announced yesterday, Friday 14th February, that decentralized blogging platform Steemit is to form a strategic partnership with the Tron Foundation.

As well as the Reddit-like platform migrating, it’s expected the token STEEM and its dApps will migrate fully onto the Tron blockchain, too.

According to a Tron Medium Press Release, ‘Tron and Steemit’s development teams will immediately begin working together to bring Steemit and other Steem blockchain based dApps to Tron.’

Steemit and all the STEEM ecosystem will migrate to the Tron (TRX) blockchain

A Boost for Tron, Steem and Decentralized Social Media

Responding to the announcement, Tron CEO, Justin Sun said, ‘Together we will usher in a new era of decentralized social networking.’

In recent times, Steemit has seen its popularity decline rapidly. This could be put down to the fall in crypto’s popularity, but many users have also been put off by the manipulation that has plagued the blogging site’s payment system, so a need to eradicate this is critical to the success going forward.

Coincidentally, not, the announcement of the partnership came on Valentine’s Day and the same day Steemit creator Dan Larimer’s new social platform, Voice, launched on the EOS blockchain. It will be interesting to see how Voice and Steemit compare in the coming years.

Steemit has struggled to grow, but with Tron partnership, it could give it the boost it needs

How Will The Partnership Affect Tron

The Tron Foundation has a much bigger ecosystem and budget than Steemit and so it will be able to launch a huge marketing campaign.

In the press release, Tron says it intends to carry out a Steem token giveaway to attract users, and will set up a new accelerator program towards the developer community, once the token has migrated onto Tron.

Tron is a dApp platform with over 800 dApps in its ecosystem. The blockchain offers fast network speed, high throughput stability, and scalability, and a bigger user base than Steem. All of these can help Steem dApps realize their potential if the problems that have plagued the content creation dApps are ironed out.

Steemit claims to have a thriving community, but the platform is flawed and payment manipulation is rife. However, with some alterations to the payment system the concept could be a success.

As well as the blogging platform, the Steem ecosystem claims to have over 1 million people using its dApps. DTube is Steem’s early answer to YouTube and APPICS is like Instagram. Both dApps have the capabilities to bring many users to the Tron ecosystem, but again the need to iron out the payment manipulation is the only way they can be a major success.

Steemit will be competing against Block.One’s Voice, but a healthy competition is what could help both platforms thrive.

As the bull cycle accelerates, we will see many new people coming into the crypto space, and being paid for creating content is a perfect way to entice newcomers. The biggest hurdle for tokenized curation is whale manipulation, and that’s the biggest hurdle for Tron and Steem’s blossoming relationship.

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