Blockchain-Based Aid: Oxfam Planning Big

Blockchain-based aid is a step forward to helping those in need, much efficiently than before. The Blockchain community is steadfast in generously donating to help fight world poverty. One contribution was recently made to a Belfast-based charity running in Ireland. A total sum of one million Eurosv ($1.1 million) was sent over by the blockchain platform as part of the blockchain aid distribution program to Oxfam. A pilot program by the joint efforts of Ethereum venture studio ConsenSys and Sempo, an Australian tech firm, are to operate under Oxfam’s influence. The European Innovation Council granted the amount to UnBlocked Cash, in the competition: Blockchains for Social Good to run the second phase of the project. Oxfam had been busy in 2019 when in July it published its report on the pilot program’s success to deliver aid disaster areas. The aid was handed over as smart vouchers and the crypto used then was MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin. Read More...

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